Pinto and Grits: A 'Day of Cutlures' Breakfast

Attendees eating and visiting.

          October 12 was El Día de las Culturas (Day of the Cultures) in Costa Rica, which is comparable to Columbus Day in the United States. However, because of the name Day of the Cultures, we decided to take advantage of it to share culture with our English students and for them to share with us. Whereas we usually like to share a part of US culture, this time we decided to mix them together. We had a breakfast with typical US foods, Costa Rican foods, and foods that we find in both.

Attendees lined up and getting their food.

          Our US breakfast items included waffles, grits, and a sausage and egg casserole. The traditional Costa Rican breakfast items were gallo pinto (rice and beans), plátanos maduros (sweet plantains), pan y natilla (bread with sour cream), and salchicha (sausage). Our shared foods were scrambled eggs, pineapple, coffee, and juice.

Food and attendees eating.

          These times, although often a lot of work, are always rewarding because it allows me and the other ADE team members to spend time with and get to know my students and their families and friends outside of the classroom. It is a time where we can come together and share things, like grits, which many have never heard, much less tried. In addition, it allows for a time to teach and share things about US culture that cannot be fully conveyed in an actual class.

Attendees visiting after eating breakfast.

          Our English program has been running three years now, and for me personally it is such a blessing. It is a way that we have been able to bless the people, bless the local church, and bless the ADE team. Likewise, the people, the church, and the ADE team have also been a blessing to me. Each year, each cycle, each class, and each student are so different, and we have been able to grow and learn together.

Group photo of those that attended the cultural breakfast.

          We ask for prayers for the program, that it will continue to be a blessing to the people and to us. We also more specifically ask that you would be in prayer with us as we search for a new English teacher to come down and work with us. We know God is in control and that He can provide somebody for the program that will continue to help us be a blessing!

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