Just Around the River Bend

Written by: Ryan Fawcett, ADE Watershed Director

Bounding from rock to rock and splashing through the river, we rounded a bend to find another. With our end goal in mind, we continued forward seeking the lost beauty of Itiquis. Step by step we moved forward on our journey, only carrying the essentials: rubber boots, backpacks, equipment, and smiles. Stopping to catch our breath before we kept pushing on, we thought that it couldn’t be that much further.

Then there it was, just around the river bend! Starstruck, we gazed at the waterfall we had been hiking for nearly an hour to see. The sun was hitting the water and mist in the most beautiful way as it splashed down on the pile of rocks below. Making our way upstream a little more we reached the foot of the drop and embraced the full beauty of this small little lost wonder.

After part of the amazement wore off and we remembered the weight of our bags we found a location to set up our station. Putting together our net and collection containers we wadded into the river to stir up the river sediment. Pulling the net out of the water we analyzed our collection of macroinvertebrates (or small insects and larvae) to help us examine the environment these creatures are living in. By determining the richness and evenness we would be able to conclude the quality of the water and ecosystem.

Creation care and loving your neighbor are such important aspects of the Christian walk, or lifestyle, that we find all over scripture. As ADE continues the watershed project of teaching others how they can impact the environment and all the living and nonliving organisms in it, we challenge you to search how you can show God’s love to His creations.


  1. Wonderful Ryan! We welcome anyone interested in connecting faith and Creation Care to come down and be a part of this change. Contact us at info@glocalade.org or visit our website www.glocalade.org


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