An interview with ADE High School's first graduate

Fabian was the first graduate of ADE Bilingual High School. He is currently staying with an ADE board member in Pennsylvania. Fabian gained a full scholarship to do ADE's 12th grade exchange program through a private Christian high school in Pennsylvania (Costa Rica's high school system runs through 11th grade.) He has just graduated and will return to CR shortly. 
1. How did you know ADE and how were you involved with ADE?

I knew about ADE from Tomas and Chelsea. Before ADE I was planning on taking English classes.  When ADE came I heard they were going to give English courses.  After that they had a meeting in the community and I went to the meeting with my mom and that is when they offered the opportunity to go to the high school.  I wasn’t very interested at first because I was working and didn’t want to go to school every day.  Then I talked to my parents about it and they let me make the decision if I wanted to go to school and I decided that I would try even if it would be hard.  I knew if it worked I would continue and if not, then at least I tried.
2.   Have you seen ADE have an impact in your life?
I didn’t believe that I could study.  I learned that I could do it and do it well.  Now I understand that if you work hard and try to do your best you can do almost anything.  I think ADE is a great example of how you can help people local or far away.  I’ve learned that I can help others and change their lives just like someone helped me and my life was changed.
3.  Have you seen ADE have an impact on the community?
Yes. ADE is trying to demonstrate that you don’t need things from the outside.  They are trying to teach us that if we work together and work hard we don’t need outside help.  We can grow as a community.  Some examples are having our own high school and helping in the elementary school with teaching and even maintenance work on the windows.

4.  How can you see yourself do similar things like ADE?
I’m not sure what exactly I want to do with my life yet, but whatever I do, I want to go back to my community and be able to do my work there showing the people around me that you don’t have to leave the community to be successful.  You can do your business right there and therefore benefit the community.  I want to be able to help the people of my community like ADE has helped me. 

Interview by Yvonne Miller
Fabian's incredible host family
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