My Experience in Bilingual High School ADE in Vara Blanca

Francia, teaching the students how to make tamales to raise
money for their upcoming trip to Marino Balleno.

My name is Francia Beron and this was my first year in teaching.

When I started my first year, and I participated in a meeting with other voluntary members, the teaching system attracted my attention as did level of development reached by the students that have committed themselves and have benefited from the project.

I started in the middle of March, and what I found in this group left me surprised.

We are a unified team working with maximized effort to achieve student success. Here, you work hand in hand with other people.

In addition to the academic classes like mathematics (no calculators!),  English and others, the students learn how to be real leaders. It is a fully integrated development. In this moment, the students are working with the Bandera Azul (Blue Flag) for their community supported by their teachers. They work together: analyzing problems, creating plans of possible solutions to those problems and applying a certain plan. In these ways they are learning to love their surroundings, substantially improving it, for their families and their neighbors.

The students learn how to contribute ideas and they have the opportunity to be heard and supported. They are not just limited to memorize different material, they have the opportunity  to see their dreams become reality.

In ADE I found a great family that supports each other, that fights to grow each day, in every situation, no matter how easy it seems. Every teacher is a guide to a student  in support of the parents that believe and trust in this association.

I admire every single one of these students that daily show their will to continue forward. Their wishes to learn and above anything their way to thank us for our help that we give them. It’s incredible to see other students speaking in other languages, and operate with ease and conducting their own projects in their life.

I think that if the ADE High School had not been created, gifted minds would have been wasted for other purposes.

The reason that I like this High School is the form that it instills moral and spiritual valors. This helped me personally grow like a human being. Without imposing religious doctrines but opening spaces for dialogue, good comprehension, debate between the different beliefs of each and every one of us. One specific example was a debate held between two groups of students about the existence of the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It was very interesting to hear the students say their opinions, based on the bible. We decided we needed to continue some other time.

I feel very happy and satisfied to belong to this group. I have already made the decision to send my own son to this High School when he graduates from Elementary School.

These past months have been a blessing to me and my family. Not only because I love my fellow workers, but because I love the students that welcome me with their arms open when I come to chilly Vara Blanca.

-Francia Beron


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