Working on the farm...

Working on the ADE farm requires a lot of creativity and hard work. Our agricultural efforts are not only about physical labor. These efforts are also about creating a viable and sustainable support system for the ADE organization and our local communities.

In the fields or under the green house at the ADE farm, many projects are currently under way. Besides a large blackberry crop that is in the very beginning stages of production, ADE is also working towards planting a garden with produce like broccoli, lettuce, peppers and other vegetables. Vegetables are not the only concern in the garden though, as ADE continues to consider the potential of gooseberries. This fruit that grows native in our area may, just as well as the blackberries, provide an income. Many planter trays full of gooseberry seed are currently growing in the garden green house.

Additionally, a restored chicken house and an under-construction pig barn look forward to future occupants that will contribute in many ways. Chickens which can give eggs and young also provide a valuable fertilizer that will contribute greatly to garden growth and blackberry production. Working with pigs can also open a window of opportunity to turn methane gas into a sustainable household energy source. A two-fold project in and of itself, the construction of the pig barn is being used also as an opportunity to test the possibilities of construction with dirt-filled bags. Should the project prove successful, this dirt bag construction may evolve into home building in the area, as tests have proven that dirt bag buildings are highly earthquake resistant. (More on this project coming soon!)

Thus, ADE’s agricultural projects have the potential to create community-wide impact.


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