Interning with ADE

An internship with ADE is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Like any other internship, interning with ADE affords an opportunity to experience a possible future career choice. Interning with ADE is so much more than that, though.

Unlike other internship opportunities you may have considered, interning with ADE provides you with an option to live in an entirely different country and experience different ways of life. In fact, all of ADE’s interns are placed with a host family that lives in the local area. Whether or not speaking the native language may be an issue for you, this truly does open up windows of opportunity to play, learn and stretch your horizons. Additionally, an internship with ADE means joining the staff community. A community with bonds that go beyond the professional, ADE staff members also meet once in a while just to hang out and have fun. So would an internship with ADE be more of a vacation for you than a work opportunity? Maybe.

Of course, an internship with ADE will come with its challenges, as well. You will be expected to put forth your best effort in all that you do and to be a part of a team. Also, you may be asked to assist teaching English for weekly night classes. These requirements are hardly asking too much though, as you will be able to create an internship that is tailor-made specifically for you. Whether your interest lies in Community Development, Business Marketing or Photography, ADE is likely to have a place for you. So bring your skill set, your passions and have a great time while contributing to local communities. 

Written by Emily Onorato (pictured above in the middle)


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