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Being Content as the Shepherd or the Sheep

There is nothing about my job that I could describe as boring. Every day is different from the last. My coworkers and I work constantly with the challenges each day brings. Very rarely do our schedules remain consistent, and even then they ebb and flow. While I could easily dedicate a whole blog post to the beautiful aspects of Tico Time, today I want to express to you what I learned from my three mere hours of shepherding. That’s right, staff, herd dog, and all.

Emily, Tomas and I woke up at Casa Shalom prepared to spend most of our day working and covered in chicken sewage. Tomas and our dear friend Teresa are working on constructing a home for the chickens in which they are elevated off the ground. This invention makes cleaning-time, feeding-time and overall-time spent working with the chickens, faster, cleaner and more do able. Anyways, during that time Tomas offered one of our lucky souls a break from the atmosphere of chicken odor in exchange for a few hours of shepherding, so th…

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