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Death by a Thousand Papercuts

What do I miss about home? Chic-Fil-a Sauce, Driving Freedoms, Salt-Vinegar Chips, Pine Trees, Fall Colored Leaves, Bonfires, Scorching Hot Showers, Chili, Heinz Ketchup, my beautiful golden retrievers, and the list could go on and on….

I recently attended a conference where I met a woman who has been serving MKs (Missionary Kids) and their families for the past 5 years in Costa Rica. She described cultural shock and adaptation as “Death by a Thousand Papercuts”. And not culture shock in how mainstream social media describes it as when you can’t find your favorite foods or people don’t speak your native language. But rather the core parts of daily life, the imbedded thoughts and ideas of people, the forsaken truths you believed to be universal until you realized the whole world is not identical to your worldview. But why “Death by a Thousand Papercuts”???? Because it is not one huge cultural avalanche that hits us hard and knocks us to the ground, but It is those small things, those ti…

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