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What is a cookout?

Written by: Kasey Clark, English Program Director
Definition: “a party or gathering where a meal is cooked and eaten outdoors” (Google).

To wrap up our cycle of classes, we celebrated and gave our students an authentic experience. Just like cookouts that I have with my family and friends in the states for big holidays and gatherings, we had all the essentials: hamburgers and hot dogs, baked beans, chips, mac n’ cheese, and all the condiments including chili and we even made smores!

It was a sweet time of sharing food, sharing culture and celebrating our students’ accomplishments from completing the 16-week courses. The students received certificates in recognition of their time in the course and showed off their English by sharing a few words of thanks.

While I love teaching my students throughout the cycle, I always look forward to our ceremony at the end! All students, regardless of English level, come together in one activity to get to know one another a little bit. Their family a…

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