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A Dependent Independence

As a college student, the value of independence is constantly being emphasized to me. Two years ago as I began my freshman year, I felt like I was heading into the rest of my life. It was my first time being away from my parents for a long period of time, making all new friends, and studying whatever subject I chose. I was growing up, taking my first steps out of childhood and into adulthood. I never would have guessed that two short years later, I’d be spending my summer in Costa Rica working with ADE. Before making the decision to intern with ADE, I had my doubts. Most of these doubts stemmed from the fear of the unknown—what it would mean to drop everything and everyone from my life in the US and come into an entirely unfamiliar community, even if it was only for two months. What if my host family didn’t treat me well? What if the work wasn’t what I thought it would be? What if there was no way for me to run and exercise, causing me to be unprepared for the cross country season in t…

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