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Surviving or Thriving?

A few days ago, I connected with a friend, Rachel, from college. We were both in the same major at Messiah College, and we just happen to share the same birthday! We hadn’t spoken much in the past few months, but it was nice to exchange birthday wishes, how are you’s and talk about how our lives are going post-graduation. Since we are both currently serving in ministry, so it was good to talk to someone who could relate and offer genuine support.

One of her questions in particular caught me off guard. She asked me if I was currently surviving or thriving during my time down here in Costa Rica. I am not sure exactly why this question hit me so hard, but it got me thinking. In what ways am I thriving and in what ways am I only surviving?

As I reflect about my time down here the past 15 months, I cannot believe how much I have learned and grown. In so many ways, I have been stretched and pushed outside my comfort zone. I have thrived in Costa Rica and should be proud of myself and my jou…

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